3D Printed Personalized K9 Dog Christmas Tree Ornament


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This is a personalized Christmas tree ornament 3D printed in plastic. I 3D print these to order. No returns accepted on personalized items but i will try my best the fix any situation. i will send you a confirmation on the text being personalized. Printing WILL NOT start until we receive a response confirming the text. The sooner you confirm, the sooner it will be printed. These are printed in soy-based recyclable non-dishwasher safe PLA. You can hand wash them. This print comes fresh off the print in White unless we offered it in other colors. Once received, further hand finishing can be done and items can be painted.

We can do further finishing and painting on-site for an additional fee.

The item has a 5 letter limit on this print. Anything over 5 letters must first be approved by our artist and there will be an additional $2.00 added to the item if printed.

We can customize the silhouette to be breed specific.

Please note if you have an idea, we can probably print it. Just submit a custom order request or drop us a line.

Approx: 3″ Tall

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